Book Trailers

I’m constantly looking for ways to help fiction and nonfiction authors, public speakers, business executives and thought leaders reach a broader audience. I’ve searched for a long time for someone to recommend for trailers, and I’ve found him.

A. Tomov, Jr.  makes a pilot to upload on YouTube so the client can see how it looks. After making any adjustments, he uploads the final trailer. Here’s the first link to one of his trailers. Here’s a second link for a trailer that really evokes the emotional resonance of the book.

I’ve shopped around for pricing. A lot of folks charge more than authors can justify considering all the other things they’re handling. Tomov charges between $70 and $100. He can handle only a few trailers each week, so be sure to talk to him about scheduling. Tell him Laine sent you, and then tell me whether you like the work he did for you!


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