Harlequin’s Cross-Media Project

Harlequin is launching a romance fiction project that reaches beyond print and ebooks. The effort integrates video, mobile and social media. The project is based on a fictional location, the Chatsfield hotel in London, as the backdrop for the stories. Each story will be released on multiple platforms to better involve readers.

After years of self-published authors doing the same on their own, the big publishers are finally taking on the same creative ideas. They are expanding their models to move beyond the traditional print forms and even beyond the digital format. This is about engagement, loyalty, branding and the stories themselves. The stories and characters have to be strong…and all that pushes the focus away from celebrity books or pure fluff and back to the quality that has been overlooked for so long.


2 thoughts on “Harlequin’s Cross-Media Project

  1. Ray H

    Harlequin that was just bought out by Newscorp right?

    Seems an interesting idea. Not the most literary books I’m sure but we can always learn something from any source at all.

    Funny coincidence, I recently bought one of those books as a sorta gag gift!


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