Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

A very strong finish to the series. I really was gripped and couldn’t wait to get back to reading this every evening. The action was fab, as always, and the character stayed strong, which is very enjoyable with a female lead.
One complaint was that the author sent her to sleep far too often with morphling. This can be used once or perhaps twice in a book but here, the author just seemed to drug Katniss whenever things got too tough. It would have been much better to allow her character to deal with the psychological issues by keeping her awake and allowing her to feel the pain of different events.
The other complaint here was that Katniss’ guilt started to feel overdone. It has been a thread through all three books, but by the third book, her observance of all the people who are dying because of her just felt overused. There wasn’t any real emotion to it, and it would have been better, especially in this third book, to have her really work through that or break down because of it. Instead, we get thoughts that seem blah in their impact and morphling.
I do recommend that you overlook these two flaws and read the book anyway. It’s a lot of fun, and Katniss still exhibits strong traits that make her appealing.
5 stars!


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