Book Review: The Scent of Lemon Leaves by Clara Sanchez

Brilliant book. This was a surprise. When I began reading, I thought it would be just another book about Nazi hunters and justice. It turned out to be so much more.
Like the best novels, this one is about the primary characters and how they change in the course of their quest. A woman who accidentally gets wrapped up with an enclave of Nazis in hiding eventually finds a better focus for her life by becoming more mature. A man who survived the camps is given the opportunity to finally triumph in a life filled with failures…failures to bring Nazis to justice, and a deep and abiding failure to live his life for its own value rather than living always in the past pain.
A very subtle yet highly suspenseful read. I couldn’t put this one down. Well worth the time, and I will look for more by this author.
5 stars!
Want to read another novel that focuses on the impact of events on characters and their lives? Try He Drinks Poison, a deeply moving journey with a woman who, as the child of rape, brings the men who perpetuate violence against women to justice.


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