How to Write Women

How women are presented in fiction (and whether they appear in fiction at all) is important enough to have another look at the issue via this fellow author’s blog post.

Author on Adventures

Let’s make something crystal clear: Creating a female character is not different than creating a male character. It shouldn’t be hard for anyone – no one – to create a GOOD female character, but many seem to tell themselves that it is, men and women alike. These kind of writers tell themselves that women are two-dimensional, daft, weak, emotional, good for only one thing (sex, motherhood, secretary, the goofy sister, the reliable flawless girlfriend, etc.) and if she somehow juggles several things at once, it’s a matter of time before she falls apart. It’s strange how no one worries about the same thing for men.

They tell themselves women are too mysterious so they write them as mysterious creatures. Maybe some of us are, maybe some are mysterious (for personal reasons), but keep in mind, there are a lot of us and we’re all different from one another. For instance…

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