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Job at Scripps College

The Scripps College Writing Program seeks a distinguished visiting writer for the Mary Routt Endowed Chair of Writing during the spring semester of 2016. The successful candidates will serve as Mary Routt Chair of Writing throughout the spring semester (from mid-January to mid-May). The Chair will teach one writing workshop course of his or her own design and will give two public readings or talks. We are looking for candidates with a significant record of publication in creative nonfiction, fiction, or poetry; we prefer candidates who can show evidence of outstanding teaching ability. For more information on the Mary Routt Chair position, see

How to Tell if an Editor’s Fees are Fair

Just to be clear, acquisitions editors at publishing houses don’t charge fees. If a “publisher” is asking for fees, then that company is not a publisher. It is a printer. Don’t let the growing popularity of hybrid self-publishing units confuse you. Know exactly what you want and go to the right place.
Now, for freelance editors, fees obviously need to be researched. There is no standard, really, because an individual editor’s experience can be very different than the next person’s. In general, though, the lower the rate, the less experience that person has.
That doesn’t mean they can’t do a good job. It does, however, mean they might not be as good at targeting how to change the words on the page. Editing is like cutting a diamond. There are a lot of people who can cut diamonds but you have to cut at the right place and shape it in the right way to achieve the diamond’s full potential. Same with manuscripts!

Job at Santa Fe University

This Creative Writing and Literature Faculty position is a full-time appointment with teaching responsibilities to begin Fall 2015. Applicants must have an MFA (or equivalent) or PhD in Creative Writing, at least one published book in fiction, and college-level teaching experience. Preference will be given to candidates with some expertise and record of publication in creative nonfiction. Successful candidates will also demonstrate experience with and commitment to fostering students’ professional practice skills in various writing fields. The position requires flexibility, collegiality, teaching, and administrative skills as well as a strong commitment to the profession and higher education. Deadline: March 1.


Teach 6 department courses per academic year (3 each semester).
Engaging in ongoing professional and faculty development.
Assessment work and curricular development with departmental faculty and SFUAD Provost.
Assigned administrative duties.
Ongoing development of coursework and class materials to keep courses at the leading edge of knowledge in the discipline.
Providing student support for every aspect of learning in the form of regular office hours, tutorial assistance, professional practice, and career advice.
Ongoing student performance evaluation and outcomes assessment.
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Book Review: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Always interesting to go back and read a classic work. This one I enjoyed for about 350 pages. Then the dialog got to be a bit much to read…very repetative. But I know that is part of what was expected and enjoyed at the time, so I overlooked that element as much as possible. A great classic thriller overall!
3 stars.

Job at U of IL Press

The University of Illinois seeks candidates for the position of Director, University of Illinois Press. Nearing its 100th year of scholarly publishing, the University of Illinois Press enjoys a reputation as one of the top university presses in the country, producing the very best scholarly research and reflection by writers from all over the world. The Illinois Press publishes about 100 new books per year as well as over 30 periodicals, and increasingly publishes in an electronic format. Particular strengths include American history, African American studies, women’s studies, music, film studies, communications, Lincoln studies, Chicago studies, and sport history.

Although located on the Urbana campus, the University Press is a university-wide unit in the three-campus system with the director reporting to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It has a staff of nearly 40 and an operating budget of over $4 million. The director is responsible for providing leadership in all aspects of planning, budgeting, staffing, and program management and development. In consultation with the Press Board the director develops and coordinates the publishing program and decides which books and journals are published and how they are marketed and sold.
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The Best Way to Query an Editor

For acquisitions editors at publishing houses and agents alike, always research what they are asking for and give them exactly that. Often it’s only that one-page query. For those who want a query plus author bio or query plus synopsis, savvy authors who have already written their book proposals can just cut and paste the appropriate section out of their proposals and print it off as an additional page that goes with the query.
Part of giving them what they want means not giving them what they don’t want. Check their guidelines to find out if they take fantasy but not steampunk, mystery but not cozy.
Save yourself a lot of time and waiting around. Check first, and you’ll move ahead more quickly.

Job at Baker Publishing

Baker Publishing Group is accepting applications for a fulltime trade department editor. The trade department produces books in a wide variety of categories, including fiction, youth, devotional, self-help, relationships, marriage, parenting, cultural critique, professional, spirituality, biblical studies, and apologetics.
Responsibilities include editing or managing the editing of assigned titles, corresponding with authors, combining author and proofreader corrections, and reviewing cover and catalog copy.
A candidate should have a BA in English or other related majors, or equivalent work experience; three to five years of book-editing experience; knowledge of the Bible; a familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed.; excellent copyediting, grammar, and spelling skills; and proficiency in Microsoft Word.
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