Top Publishers Open to Direct Submissions #pubtip #getpublished

HarperCollins, Jonathan Cape, Little, Brown, and Tinder Press are all opening up to submissions from authors who do not have agents. ~Gasp!~
Why on Earth would these leading companies suddenly change an age-old gatekeeping mechanism to allow anyone to submit?
Could be finances. Authors who aren’t represented usually receive offers that have lower advances, lower royalty percentages, less lucrative royalty breaks, and lower marketing budgets. Add all that up, and publishers could save quite a bundle.
Trust me. The 15% authors save by not paying an agent is not going to pay off under these circumstances.


6 thoughts on “Top Publishers Open to Direct Submissions #pubtip #getpublished

  1. lynettedavis

    Reblogged this on Memoir Notes and commented:
    Trying to negotiate a book deal without an agent is like going into court without
    an attorney. If you’re going to go the traditional route, make sure you have an agent. You need someone to look out for YOUR best interest. An agent can help you negotiate the best deal for you.

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  2. Laine Cunningham Post author

    I doubt that very much. Self-publishing has taken off, and fewer authors want to go the traditional route now…but there are still thousands upon thousands of authors interested in traditional publishing. I think it’s much more about streamlining the process…and cutting out that bulldog who champions their authors.



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