Lawsuit Against Author Solutions #wana #amwriting RT to Protect Fellow Authors Please!

Check out the actual complaint here.
This is brought by two primary individuals who spent $25K and $10K on their books. Basically they talk about all the stuff we’ve heard about Author Solutions in the past: AS makes their money off authors, not for authors; AS sells “marketing” packages that do nothing to market books; AS grubs and grubs for services that are very poorly delivered and end up giving no value to the manuscripts.
The fact that this company is owned by Penguin Random brings shame on one of the world’s largest publishers.
When the two companies joined, I was in disbelief. But perhaps, I thought, PRH will reform the company and make it useful and valuable to indie authors. Perhaps this is a sign that traditional publishers and indie publishers can find ways to work together for the benefit of both.
Apparently not.
As long as these types of places exist, authors are at risk. And the longer these types of places are associated with traditional houses that otherwise have long records championing literature, the worse off the entire publishing field is going to become. A stain on such a venerable institution is a stain on the entire industry.
Please share and RT to help protect your fellow authors!


5 thoughts on “Lawsuit Against Author Solutions #wana #amwriting RT to Protect Fellow Authors Please!

  1. annepm2015

    I checked out the publisher (AuthorHouse) before I even published my first book. The BBB in Indiana said they had an A rating, meaning very high. They sounded reputable as I was worried anybody can take your money and run with it. So far, they have delivered on services but I keep up on it.


  2. lgould171784

    I have published four novels with iUniverse, which I understand has been acquired by AuthorHouse. While the services are certainly expensive, my books received excellent editing and attractive covers. I’ll admit that most of the marketing services are too expensive for the little they accomplish. However, I was pleasantly surprised when a publicist for my latest novel, Handmaidens of Rock, was able to arrange a couple of live radio interviews on
    rock-oriented stations.

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