New Trends

No one doubts that electronic devices have dramatically changed the face of publishing today. For years, doomsayers brayed that print would shrivel and blow away. I’ve always held that the new devices would generate shifts but that print would still be alive centuries from now.

In particular, the bad-news prophets claimed that tablets, cell phones and ereaders were all supposed to suck subscribers from print versions of newspapers and magazines. For a time, that appeared to happen.

Now, however, there’s a big shift. Esubscribers are generating new and stronger sources of income for magazines and newspapers. This article presents yet another new way for readers to access their favorite journals…by paying MORE for the eversions than for print.


2 thoughts on “New Trends

  1. Joe Owens

    Print is so powerful that it cannot totally disappear from our lives. Sure the convenience of electronic devices is nice. I have been reding a manuscript on my smart phone to edit because it is less opbtrusive than carrying my lap top everywhere i go. But somethings are just better in print. The widening scope of items available in moblie versions makes us all the richer.



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