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Opportunity for Authors

The Blotter, a free, monthly nonprofit art and literature magazine, seeks part-time ad sales representatives. Commission only, 20%.  However, reps who bring in $200 per month or more can be promoted to Distributor.

Distributors develop a distribution route in their area, locating places to leave the magazine, then servicing that route every month.  Distributors are paid $125 per month in addition to ad commissions.  The magazine provides downloadable / printable ad packets and business cards, and ships magazines directly to Distributors.  Contact Marty at m_k_smith@yahoo.com.


Job Opportunity: Harper’s Magazine

Harper’s is seeking college students and graduates for editorial and arts internship programs. The positions are fulltime and part-time, and will expose the interns to the internal workings of magazine publishing.

For information and an application, call 212-420-5720.

Author as Entrepreneur

Here’s an article listing the 10 aspects of every entrepreneur. Every one of these applies to authors.

1. Passion. This is the sole driving force that will keep you moving through tough work days, endless rewrites, rejections, and deals that fall through at the last minute.

2. When you’re writing, you’re thinking about your idea…all the time.

3. You know that any issue in your piece is an opportunity to make it stronger.

4. Every new piece you work on is better than the one that came before.

5. There are no guarantees in publishing but you keep writing anyway.

6. You are social enough to network but know when to sit in the chair and be alone with your writing.

7. You know your strengths…and that means you also know where you are weak…and you get help from others with those weak areas.

8. You know your limits. You can’t write a book in a day. You can’t work on more than a few things at once. You pick the most important and get them done.

9. You are energized by writing. You are energized by talking about writing. You are energized by reading this blog!

10. You get something back from your work. It might be a paycheck. It might be a “thank you” from a reader whose hunger you fed particularly well. Both put something back into you.