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Matchbook Grows

Amazon’s bundling initiative, where purchasers of print books receive the ebook for free or a very low price, has already grown. The launch day offered 10,000 titles. Within a very short period of time, the number grew to 70,000 titles.

Currently, one of the biggest complaints about Matchbook is that most of the titles are backlisted…they are older titles that don’t hold much interest for readers. Try offering your own works now on Matchbook and be one of the few recent titles available. It’s an additional benefit that might help sales.

Two Decades of Book Trends

USA Today recently looked at twenty years of bestselling books from their own lists. Here’s what they found.

Self-help titles were big during the first five years. Oddly, the magazine connects this trend to the fact that print copies were still king then. In actuality, though, ebooks were first taken up by individuals reading nonfiction.

J.K. Rowling shattered the myths about what young readers wanted to consume both in terms of content and length during the 1998-2008 era.

Since 2009, in part due to the availability of ebooks (and of course the enhanced ability of readers to locate fiction through algorithms), fiction has risen to all-time highs.

New Ebook Purchase Model Might Benefit Authors

Gale has launched a new purchase option for libraries. It’s a Usage-Driven Acquisition (UDA) model for ebooks. It allows libraries to purchase ebooks based on actual usage.

Since one of the latest trends among readers of ebooks is the frustration over not being able to share or gift their ebooks to others, this model might be something everyone can utilize to open DRM barriers that currently stop the average purchaser from sharing an ebook. If applied, it could provide authors with income based on actual readers.

Book Agent Info

Beth Phelan of Bent Literary represents YA fiction and middle-grade readers, select commercial and literary adult fiction, and nonfiction in lifestyle, cooking/food writing, humor, pop culture, LGBT and pets/animals. She also reps adult fiction in the new adult, suspense, thriller, and mystery categories.

Book Agent Info

Maria Vicente of P.S. Literary is looking for literary and commercial fiction, new adult, YA, middle grade and picture books. She also accepts nonfiction in pop culture, pop psychology, design, and lifestyle. She has a particular interest in magical realism, fiction with visual components, and nonfiction inspired by online culture.

Writing for the Christian Market

Do you have to be Christian or a strong believer to write for the Christian Market?

No. They’re looking for great stories and high-quality writing skills. They of course want to convey a certain message but it’s not required that you follow the press or publication’s own set of beliefs to submit.

Do write well, and make sure your message is in line with theirs.

Keep the stories uplifting and inspirational!

Be open to feedback (as always) and you just might find a new market you’ve been overlooking.

Job Opportunity

Counterpoint LLC is seeking a marketing coordinator. The individual will oversee the marketing and sales efforts connected with its Counterpoint and Soft Skull imprints. A minimum of 2 years of marketing experience in book publishing or a related field is required. Must also be comfortable working remotely with the company’s distributor and sales force.

Ficton Contest Now Open

The Laine Cunningham long-form fiction contest is open. Now in its fifth year, the contest awards $1,000 to first place, $500 to second place, $250 for third place, and a certificate for honorable mention.

Fiction ranging from 30,000 words up is eligible. The manuscripts can be novels, novellas, short story collections, mixtures of various forms (including short prose and flash fiction), YA, New Adult and adult romance, sci-fi, literary, mainstream…pretty much as long as it meets the minimum length requirement, anything goes.

Details are available on Writer’s Resource’s website under the Writing Contest tab.