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Unique New Sci-Fi/Fantasy Publisher

Agent Steve Laube took over Marcher Lord Press and renamed it Enclave. Enclave Publishing will focus on science fiction and fantasy with a Christian worldview. This fall, they will release five books. “Fiction continues to be a place where creativity and variety have endless capacity, in all genres,” Laube notes.


Publishing Trend: Content Bind-up

Bind-ups, collections of previously published short fiction, novellas, and the like, is being viewed in a new way. Before, publishers released collections as an afterthought, mostly as a way to enhance sales or increase revenue using items from their existing catalogues.

Now, publishers are realizing that ebooks are offering new ways to engage with books. Waterbrook Multnomah is releasing three novellas in a single book as an experiment. HarperCollins Christian Publishing is revamping a series by releasing a series specifically under this format. A Year of Weddings will come out every three months with seasonal themes; each release will bind together three novellas.

Publishers are reaching into new arenas by recasting old ideas. They aren’t dead yet…not by a long shot.

Amazon Launches Christian Imprint

Amazon’s new Christian imprint will specialize in faith-based fiction and nonfiction. Brilliance Publishing will launch its first title this month. Authors include those who started out in self-publishing, and several titles will be launched with collaborative support from Christianity Today. 

Publishing Trends: Christian

Texts that deal with Biblical information and themes have long been popular with readers. In fact, publishing a Bible often anchors a publishing house with a text that continues to generate sales year after year.

This leaves the arena wide open for authors writing Christian-based works. In addition to novels that deal with spiritual topics, the nonfiction area is strong. Topics can be academic in nature or geared toward mainstream audiences reading at home on their own.

Keep an eye on titles that are coming out to determine which publisher is best for your Christian work.

Writing for the Christian Market

Do you have to be Christian or a strong believer to write for the Christian Market?

No. They’re looking for great stories and high-quality writing skills. They of course want to convey a certain message but it’s not required that you follow the press or publication’s own set of beliefs to submit.

Do write well, and make sure your message is in line with theirs.

Keep the stories uplifting and inspirational!

Be open to feedback (as always) and you just might find a new market you’ve been overlooking.

New Opportunity for Christian Authors

1Source is a collaborative effort between publishers and includes Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild, Believers Press, Bethany Press, and Anchor Distributors. Their new books will appear as part of 1Source’s Jerry B. Jenkins Select Line in spring 2014.