Monthly Archives: April 2014

Publishing Lives Strong

At the annual London Book Fair, Tom Weldon, CEO of Penguin Random UK, said the last four years have been the best in the company’s financial history (for both companies pre-merger). He also noted that publishers have “managed the digital transition better than any other media or entertainment industry,” which is true. Compared to movies and music, books are actually likely to prosper from digital technologies.

He noted realities like fewer bookstores, of course, before turning back to the critical issue of reaching readers. Penguin UK has 700K Twitter followers and an active email subscription list. He also noted their move to expand related products, which any author can do even without the support of a big heritage publisher. If you need this kind of assistance, Writer’s Resource can help with branding, marketing and promotional plans.

Book Trailers

I’m constantly looking for ways to help fiction and nonfiction authors, public speakers, business executives and thought leaders reach a broader audience. I’ve searched for a long time for someone to recommend for trailers, and I’ve found him.

A. Tomov, Jr.  makes a pilot to upload on YouTube so the client can see how it looks. After making any adjustments, he uploads the final trailer. Here’s the first link to one of his trailers. Here’s a second link for a trailer that really evokes the emotional resonance of the book.

I’ve shopped around for pricing. A lot of folks charge more than authors can justify considering all the other things they’re handling. Tomov charges between $70 and $100. He can handle only a few trailers each week, so be sure to talk to him about scheduling. Tell him Laine sent you, and then tell me whether you like the work he did for you!

Opportunity for Authors

The Blotter, a free, monthly nonprofit art and literature magazine, seeks part-time ad sales representatives. Commission only, 20%.  However, reps who bring in $200 per month or more can be promoted to Distributor.

Distributors develop a distribution route in their area, locating places to leave the magazine, then servicing that route every month.  Distributors are paid $125 per month in addition to ad commissions.  The magazine provides downloadable / printable ad packets and business cards, and ships magazines directly to Distributors.  Contact Marty at

Worst Reviews

School Library Journal rounds up the worst reviews authors have received for their juvenile projects.

The individual who put together the roundup notes that mean reviews often say more about the reviewer than the book. Mean reviews should of course be separated from reviews that pan a work for reasons that are thought out and argued in a logical manner.

In the end, the roundup is at the least proof that even award-winning authors of high-quality literature are not immune to people who have nothing better to do than pan works for reasons that have nothing to do with the book’s quality.