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Book Clubs for Men

I have posted here before on The Oprah Effect, how authors might rise after receiving a nod from this powerful club. But Edward Nawotka, Editor in Chief of Publishing Perspectives, says Oprah isn’t talking to men.

His book club, he notes, is as serious as any populated mostly by women. They read widely, in a variety of genres…and only read fiction. This goes against the standard wisdom publishers hold out that says women read as much as 80% of all fiction published in the U.S. today.

He asks when publishers will begin to take male readers as seriously as men take themselves.

If you’re writing for a broad type of reader, know that men are just as engaged with your work as women.


The Oprah Effect V. 2.0

Oprah’s book club was rebooted to the relief of many publishers and authors alike. The bump that could come from being selected for the club made a number of careers.

Now it looks like there is the potential to go further with a pick from her team. She has her own TV channel, a popular monthly magazine and digital components that expand on both.

The Oprah Effect didn’t lift every pick to bestseller lists, and it’s likely that not every book in the revived club will benefit. But it is one of the few avenues left for readers to find great books…and for authors to be found.